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Thursday, November 30 2023 @ 07:49 PM EST

6 Months: The BIG Update

General NewsWe are getting close to our six month post placement report that we must submit to the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA).

Life at home has changed a little (so, it's changed a lot) and there is not as much free time (we are on a schedule now) and things are a little messier (until we clean them up). Grocery bill is a lot higher (a lot of fresh fruit) and we are not as mobile as we use to be. Aside from that, everything has been wonderful. Lauren has been a unbelievable joy for both Sandra and I. She is happy and healthy and full of wonder.

We had a busy summer with many events including a 5 day camping trip and a week at a cottage. We have taken her everywhere with us and she travels well and we schedule around her sleeping patterns.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.


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