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Day 12: Visa medical at the Beijing SOS Clinic

General NewsInternational Hotel in Beijing, China (40.044438,116.367188)
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Summary: Medical evaluation a the Beijing SOS Clinic near the Canadian embassy.

Details: Lauren's examination was unremarkable with the exception that she is a little small. At 7.0 kg, we believe that she is the smallest baby in our group. The examination consisted of weight, height a very brief physical examination, followed by an evaluation of her hearing and questions about her motor skills development. The doctor conducting the examination was Canadian. Dr. Lucy Chen was great to us taking the time to explain about orphaned children and their potential for developmental delays. After the exam was over, we payed our fees and off we went to do a little shopping at a local grocery store while we waited for the other families to finish.

Our lunch, after we got back to the hotel was at McDonald's. There are quite a few of them in Beijing and this was the second time we have ate there since we have arrived in China. The food is very consistent. The Big Macs and fries are identical and the diet Coke tastes a little different. It's also very cheap. A Big Mac, medium fries and a drink are 18 yuan ($2.70 CDN). This was Lauren's first visit to a McDonald's and she enjoyed the fries.


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